Ergonomic Consultant

Posted: Mar 09, 2018

Location Chester, PA

An Ergonomic Consultant is responsible for ergonomic related projects within AWS and for AWS clients. The individual will be involved with project development, project implementation, project follow-up, internal and external customer relations, and education of clients on AWS services and best industrial ergonomic practices. The individual will also be trained as a Certified Early Intervention Specialist (CEIS) and be capable of educating clients and staff on the integration of services and ergonomic projects.

Job Contacts

This position is required to communicate regularly with AWS staff, Director of Operations, Program Coordinators, Business Development, and AWS client contacts.

Essential Functions

  1. Communicate clearly and concisely, both written and verbal, to multiple entities as listed under Job Contacts.
  2. Able to clarify complex topics for others to drive communication to a needed conclusion for project development.
  3. Discipline in detail and quality of written communication in email correspondence and report writing.
  4. Self-awareness of body language and verbal and non-verbal communication in driving a project to a conclusion.
  5. Able to identify appropriate ergonomic solutions the will benefit clients in risk reduction within budgetary constraints.
  6. Able to identify when information is missing in order for a project to progress and able to follow-up to proceed.
  7. Able to provide customers service relations in accordance with ATI standards.
  8. Able to identify obstacles to projects and communicate clear solutions.
  9. Able to manage time with multiple projects and communication fronts.
  10. Able to manage and proactively use available resources to include time, travel, peer expertise, basic industrial ergonomic tools.
  11. Able to educate on Office Ergonomic assessments and concepts.
  12. Able to prescribe routine and corrective stretches for reducing and preventing injuries.
  13. Able to develop Power Point™ presentations specific to client needs.
  14. Able to speak in front of groups (2+) for the purpose of presentation of ergonomic ideas, ergonomic prevention education, and/or service delivery education.
  15. Able to request assistance of on-site employee health services or a physician as necessary to assist employee.
  16. Able to identify and recommend workstation changes to reduce minor reports of discomfort and related functional limitations to maintain employee performance.
  17. Assist in identifying the nature and hazards and location of workplace ergonomic hazards. Able to implement measures to reduce or eliminate such problems.
  18. Develop and coordinates the delivery of ergonomic and safety classes
  19. Conduct, collects and documents on-site data for following official reporting: JSA’s and FTA’s
  20. Perform ergonomic job hazard analysis of work stations with identified risk factors including job process, work station and work method and follow up to evaluate effectiveness of change.
  21. Provide on-going evaluations of work environments and provide recommendations in the workplace.
  22. Prepare ergonomic evaluation reports.
  23. Provide tracking/trending and analysis of workplace ergonomic issues to provide recommendations to mitigate workplace injuries and illnesses and maintains associated database.
  24. Able to maintain friendly, cordial relations with all clients and employees
  25. Able to maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner that results in a positive work relationship with customers, co-workers and managers.
  26. Provide education and training in proper lifting techniques and body mechanics
  27. Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information and records.
  28. Able to adhere to the Core Values of the Company.

Non-Essential Functions

  • Perform other duties as assigned by management

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • No direct reports

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Ergonomics or equivalent.


  • 1 year experience or Master’s degree in related

Skills and Abilities

  • Action oriented;
  • Approachability;
  • Career ambition;
  • Comfort around higher management;
  • Compassion;
  • Composure;
  • Conflict management;
  • Creativity;
  • Curious;
  • Detail oriented
  • Integrity and trust;
  • Priority setting;
  • Problem solving;
  • Time management;
  • Timely decision making;
  • Microsoft Office
  • The ability to organize and manage multiple priorities;
  • Strong customer orientation;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication (both oral and written) skills;
  • Excellent presentation skills;
  • Strong team player; and
  • Commitment to company values.

Travel Required

  • Yes

Hours Required

  • Up to 40 hours per week. Overtime to be approved by management.

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